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How to use

1. Apply SweaTack  (contains 60% ethanol; kills 99.9% germs) on surfaces (grips).


2. Let the ethanol evaporate in 5 seconds,

after which the SweaTack coating will remain on the surface (grip) 

then it forms a biomimetic non-slippery tacky surface

(Golf clubs. Tennis racquets, gloves, etc.)

What's different

Current overgrips that prevent slipperiness perform poorly when wet. 

This patented SWEATACK technology provides

the perfect amount of tackiness even when wet.


This bioinspired moisture activated technology leaves

NO sticky residues on the applied surfaces.


This technology can also be incorporated into current grip materials

to enhance their wet performance.

The pursuit of Perfection

SWEATACK provides excellent grips

in moist environments or on sweaty hands.

Try this latest biomimetic technology

to improve your performance.


"Perfect grip"
Former Formal Division A player
-Taylor (testimonial)

Non-Slippery and  Tacky when grips get sweaty

Sweatack can be applied in all sports
including golf, basketball, ping-pong, badminton, baseball, football, yoga, and weight training, etc.


SWEATACK never leaves any gooey residues 

on your precious golf clubs or tennis rackets.

More importantly,

SWEATACK reduces the risk of injury

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