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Anti-Slippery Grip Spray
15 mL. made in USA.
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Our biomimetic technology provides

NO slipperiness  on surfaces due to sweat or moisture

: Use on overgrips for Tennis racket

Golf grips

Music instruments

Pole dance

or High heels. 

춤추는 기둥을 들고 소녀


No more sweat on hands: 

Many people choose SWEATACK

to treat their sweaty hands

No gooey residues on your grips or instruments:


No sticky residues on your grips or instruments.

Unlike other products No brown Tar, No Chalk and

No Rosin - so no mess or gooey build up.

Invisible, odorless solution.


This product can be used in public facilities such as fitness clubs, yoga classes, pole dance without messing up the surfaces

SWEATACK is washable with soaps,

but unwashable just with water/sweat,

and kills 99.9% germs.

"I Love it!"

- Testimonials 

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inspired by biological organisms adhering to surfaces such as mussels and geckos etc.

Inspiration from nature!