Spray SweaTack on any surface

that is prone to moisture/wet from sweat or moisture.  Use it on your grips (overgrips for tennis or golf grips), gloves, high heels, basketballs, or even a playing surface such as a gym floor, to make it non-slippery and slightly tacky (low tack such as Post-it, no gooey residue) as it wets. SweaTack is washable with soap but unwashable just with water/sweat, and kills 99.99% viruses and bacteria as it contains 70% alcohol.


Purpose of use


All surfaces get slippery when sweaty or wet (e.g., in sports such as tennis, ping-pong, basketball, yoga, football, or scuba diving). SweaTack coatings form in seconds after being applied (or sprayed), providing non-slipperiness (high shear) and reusable low-tackiness surfaces.

Methods of use

1. Apply SweaTack  (<10 w/v% Sweatack polymer, ~50% ethanol and ~40% water solution; kill germs) on surfaces (grips).

2. Let the ethanol evaporate in 2-5 seconds, after which the SweaTack coating will remain on the surface (grip), then it becomes tacky and non-slippery.

Other methods of use

Current polymeric materials or tapes that prevent slipperiness perform poorly when wet. 

The patented SweaTack polymer can be formulated and/or crosslinked with current polymeric materials to enhance their wet tack or wet shear performance.


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